SFSI believes that through long-term relationships, a variety of inputs can produce significant improvements in the capability and effectiveness of partner organizations and their development programmes.

Support in programme design, training, assistance in identifying capability gaps, creation of new institutional models and methods, leadership of change management, systems improvement and deep technical domain knowledge can be provided by senior and highly-skilled experts from SFSI partner agencies.

SFSI resources can be applied to:

  • expertise in project and programme design
  • government-to-government advice
  • delivery of technical assistance
  • organisation of training and study tours
  • project and programme monitoring, reviews and evaluation
  • impact evaluation
  • creation of financing models for industry support

SFSI is also aligned with multilateral and bilateral donor agencies as well as private sector multinationals active in global food investment. It can play a role in PPPs, bringing best practice in project management, environmental sustainability and technical capability, to ensure that new investment in agriculture has maximum impact.