Local Inspections Training – Auditing Skills

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17th August 2021
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3rd October 2022

Local Inspections Training – Auditing Skills

SFSI will be running an auditing skills training course for local inspectors this October, 17th to 21st, and November 7th to 11th,  in Dublin, Ireland.  The aim of the training course is to help attendees gain a greater insight into the role of competent authorities with responsibility for conducting food safety auditing of food business operators (FBOs). The training will include site visits and will cover the following topics:


  • Official control legislation in EU
  • Guidance Documents for Official Controls


Food Safety Auditing Theory:

  • Developing audit procedures and checklists
  • HACCP auditing
  • Auditing as a continuous improvement tool
  • Internal Auditing


Official Control Implementation- Food Safety Auditing in practice -:

  • Planning for an Audit
  • Follow-up on previous audit findings
  • Conducting an Audit
  • Inspection Tools and Techniques (e.g. Inspection of Food premises, Hygiene prerequisites, Own control concepts, HACCP,).
  • Identification, evaluation and categorisation of non-conformances
  • Sampling during an audit
  • Closing Meeting
  • Post-audit activities
  • Preparation of report
  • Reporting back to Food Business Operator and follow- up actions that can be taken as a result of a non- compliance.
  • Legal consequences (offences and penalties)
  • Visit to food establishment


Alternative date for this training course will be December 2022 (TBC).

If interested please contact info@sfsi.ie