Research & Innovation

Enterprise Ireland (EI), as a partner agency of SFSI, has extensive expertise in systems of applied research and innovation for the food sector.

Successful models already in place in Ireland, such as the FoodWorks development programme for start-up food businesses, can be replicated and tailored for application internationally.

Teagasc operates independent Research Demonstration Farms, under the control of applied research staff, based at dedicated research centres where the latest research is applied to farming systems. These excellent resources are spread around Ireland at locations such as Grange (Beef), Oakpark (Tillage) and Johnstown Castle (Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development).

Both Teagasc and Enterprise Ireland also work closely with industry and Universities to further develop and promote Ireland’s Agri-Food Industry at state-of-the-art technology centres like the DPTC (Dairy Processing Technology Centre), FHI (Food for Health Ireland), MTL (Moorepark Technology Limited) and MTI (Meat Technology Ireland).

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