Ireland’s food and agriculture sectors are supported by ongoing investment by Ireland in:


The creation of appropriate and robust safety and control systems


Maintenance of centralised animal identification and movement data


Strong investment in oversight and inspection


Collaboration on crossover areas such as food and public health


A robust food and agricultural research base, with strong collaboration between industry and educational and research-performing organisations


Dedicated support for knowledge transfer to farmers and producers.

Additionally, Ireland has a strong core of businesses active in producing world-class products and services in agri-tech, machinery and know-how relevant to food production, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, as well as a legacy of providing food and agricultural science education through Universities and other colleges.

Through SFSI, Ireland’s expertise can be accessed for help in:

  • formulating agricultural and food sectoral policy, strategies and programmes
  • building regulatory and control systems and related institutional capability
  • strengthening food safety at all stages of the supply chain
  • protecting standards of animal health and welfare and expertise in veterinary services
  • systems for animal identification and movement control
  • traceability in the food chain
  • knowledge transfer, agricultural education and extension services
  • productivity and establishment of producer and farmer advisory groups
  • developing and embedding sustainability programmes at primary and processor levels
  • creating SME and investment support systems
  • creation and marketing of national or regional brands.
  • establishing and improving research and innovation in agriculture and food

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